New worlds / Marie Galante

This series is originally from a single image I made in 2007 during a trip to the Antilles, and more specifically on Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe.
I shows a photograph of a road on the edge of the Atlantic ocean in a wonderful site to the East of the island, the light is grazing and reveals a pile of failed plastic bottles come from offshore.
These are my bottles to the sea without message inside, and yet by their presence and their transparency apparent they speak of globalization of sans-frontieres and common good, I feel responsible for and affected by this state of affairs, I am part of this world and to the way in which Camus gave us "this world is beautiful and it is the only one that we be given"(l'été).

I realize based on the original, a "Visual cleansing" of photography gradually erasing the bottles to get at the end a new blank photograph of any pollution as a new world.
This installation is presented in the form of a digital images fade creating an animated sequence whose visual impact refers us to a physical action on the ground.
To complete the connection, a set of small prints of the entire series with a DVD is offered in limited series.