On the road, november 2014

Collection I, On the road, November 2014.
This series is my selection of color photographs made during my travels in November on the roads of France.
She inaugurated another type of photographic work in colour, it presents my Visual wanderings during my travels, month after month.
Selection and the number of photographs are variable and the theme is travel or rather moving, no deadline, only as target practice time and the way that is done by photographing, without course sets in advance.
In this confrontation on a daily basis, I register my Visual obsessions, color matter me but she says meteorology external but also internal I feel day by day.
The road is the road that I decided to do since I have more substantive, more workshop, more prevention, the road, is questioning the ability to be free.
  • 14103003-Bourgogne-24x30
  • 14103126-Ornans-24x30
  • 14103268-Ornans-24x30
  • 14110293-Besançon-24x30
  • 14110679-Bourgogne-24x30
  • 14110804-la-route-vers-Clermon
  • 14110821-la-route-vers-Clermon
  • 14110822-la-route-vers-Clermon
  • 14110943-Sur-la-route-d'Aubuss
  • 14110950-vers-Aubusson-24x30
  • 14110952-Sur-la-route-d'Aubuss
  • 14110952-Sur-la-route-d'Aubuss
  • 14111022-la-Roussille-24x30
  • 14111034-la-Roussille-24x30
  • 14111090-Arles-24x30
  • 14111099-La-Roussille-24x30
  • 14111171-Auvergne-24x30
  • 14111636-Le-Rhône-24x30
  • 14111965-Eyragues-24x30
  • 14112288-Ornans-24x30
  • 14112454-la-route-vers-Paris