Paris Berlin

Paris-Berlin "intime-extime".

This photographic proposal offers my intimate vision of two European cities: Paris and Berlin.
I practice as a unrepentant Walker who loves to get lost in its wanderings.
Not iconic shots but places, traces and human presences meetings.
What the city does not, I the extime in a sober photography, what is it?
Fragments of places, works of art, lights and shadows in the moment like this character who observes this wall that seems to us naked.
In this game of mirror, the world is far beyond any mental border;
I give to see this otherness that touches me so close and so strange at the time.

Long ago I took the habit to note not only the steps and incidents of my travels but events small and large in my daily life, the time that happens, the metamorphosis of my garden tours that I get, hard knocks and soft blows of fate. One can speak of 'log' no doubt but it's the opposite of a "diary".
I forged to define the word "extime".

Michel Tournier.

60 prints in 4 different formats in black and white from the author.
  • 09110317-Berlin-Neue-galerie