You can order prints of these photographs collection in each portfolio, each series is limited in various formats defined by the author.

To have detailed information on formats, media and prices available, simply send an email via the link 'send to friend' on the mail
then give us the reference for the image that is displayed right in your selection, we will send you a confirmation email with the format, price and availability in the series of your selection.

The format is variable, defined by the author following the series.
For your information, a black & white print on Baryta, format frame 20 x 30 in a paper 30 x 40, comes in series of 12 numbered from 1 to 12 at a price of € 250.00.
A random color digigraphique to format picture 24 x 36 in a paper 40 x 60 is available in series of 12 numbered from 1 to 12 at the price of € 380.00.
a draw black & white or color fine-art format 60 x 90 in a paper 70 x 100 sub-dividing on dibond comes in series of 5 numbered 1 to 5 at the price of € 950.00.

Each sale price of the next draw increases by 10%.

Each series has 3 prints of artists numbered EA trade off and what in each format.

All prints are authenticated by a certificate which contained the name of the buyer with the draw number in the series, with the technique of drawing, medium and format.
Each print is numbered and signed by the author.

The author certifies my original works with the label ARTtrust.
ARTtrust is a self-certification system that allows artists to protect their works and their rights while guaranteeing buyers the authenticity of the purchased work.
ARTtrust to give his identity to each draw a publishing or each single work in photography.
ARTtrust consists of a set of 3 seals each having a particular role:
a silver for the work
a golden for the certificate of authenticity
Blue kept by the artist.

The website allows artists to access their personal space to save their work and collectors to verify the authenticity of their online works.