Galerie Joseph Antonin
17 septembre au 1er octobre 2016
Rue Barrère 13200 Arles

Des mains à la terre.

Lumières d'Ansauvilliers

Exhibition from April 18 to May 3, 2015
8, rue des poissonniers 60120 Ansauvilliers.

Within its 2015 programming, the presentation features the work of photographer Gilles Magnin.
This exhibition presents 30 of photographic prints selected from a choice of made shots during various stays of the author at Ansauvilliers place of residence of artists from La Remise.

The author defines his work thus:

The subject does not matter me, only the lights, details and forms framed, define the heart of my photographic point.
I bind to myself only to transcribe my Visual emotion felt during my photographic walks.

The Visual choice is intimate and is found in the bias of the author by the choice of small formats that invite the Viewer to a proximity with each photography, only a view of a flight of birds in larger format recalls the permanent movement of the world and creates a Visual breath.


This is our blood



Les affiches de Damas